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Amalgam removal

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Amalgam Removal at Evolve Dentistry

Evolve Dentistry is a dental practice for the 21st century using the latest techniques and state of the art equipment. We understand that our patients want superb dental care but also want to be treated as an individual. We believe that Evolve offers a dental experience like no other and we want you to enjoy your visits to us.

Carol is experienced in amalgam removal and follows strict clinical protocols to ensure the treatment is carried out safely and effectively.

We will only follow these protocols if you ask us to.


  • What is amalgam?

    Amalgam is a commonly used filling material that contains an amalgamation of mercury and various other metals including zinc, silver and copper.

  • Why do you remove it?

    At Evolve Dentistry our experience has told us that the majority of our patients are in favour of amalgam free, tooth coloured fillings. Advances in dentistry have led to improved alternative materials to amalgam, resulting in a more natural smile.

  • How is the amalgam removed?

    Safety is our main concern when conducting dental amalgam removal. We want, at all times, to keep the exposure to amalgam to a minimum. Therefore we follow a strict protocol that includes:

    • Active charcoal given immediately prior to amalgam removal.
    • Oxygen delivered via a nasal mask.
    • Damp gauze applied to the eyes to avoid mucosal absorption.
    • Latex free rubber dam is used to provide a physical barrier.
    • Specialist suction used around the tooth being treated.
    • The filling sectioned out in chunks.
    • Provision of general guidelines on nutritional support.
  • What is the amalgam replaced with?

    After amalgam removal we place a white filling, porcelain inlay or crown. This will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each case is unique and we tailor treatment plans to an individuals needs. After the initial consultation you will be sent an estimate in the post that will detail all costs. An up to date price list can be found on our web site.