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Once you have achieved your lovely straight smile, you will need to keep your teeth in their new position or they will relapse very quickly. Retainers are the most effective methods of ensuring teeth stay in their original place after braces have been removed.

At Evolve Dentistry we offer patients fixed or removable retainers to meet their specific requirements, whether they’ve had their braces fitted at Evolve or not.

If you have had braces previously and do not have a current retainer, or your retainer has been lost or damaged, Evolve can offer you various options depending on your previous treatment and lifestyle.

If you have braces at Evolve, your fee will include both a fixed and removable retainer as well as home tooth whitening.


  • What is a fixed retainer?

    In order to ensure that your teeth don’t move after your braces have been removed, a fixed retainer is bonded to the back of your teeth. This method of retention is our preferred option as it is permanently in place and you don’t have to remember to wear it at night or risk losing it.

    Fixed retainers are usually worn for life after braces have been removed.

  • What is a removal retainer?

    To really ensure that your teeth don’t move, as well as a fixed retainer, we also recommend that you have a removable retainer. Removable retainers are usually made of a clear plastic personally made for each patient. Removable retainers are worn at night, usually every night for the first 6 months, then alternate nights for 3 months and twice a week after that for the rest of your life.

  • What are my next steps?

    Book an appointment to discuss with us your specific requirements by calling 01275 842 550 today.

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